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Zeus takes you on a soul stirring music journey. Hailing from South Africa, he has been creating waves with legendary underground and mainstream events throughout the globe. Zeus has one basic aim, ‘to keep the dance floor active’.

Co-owner of Pointzero Records, Zeus has developed a distinct and sharp music style. The technique to master the crowd by feeling the pulse on the dance floor, his music ranges from progressive to full0n trance. Psy-trance is a passion that is close to his heart and Zeus loves the rhythm and gets charged by funky grooving beats. Having evolved from a metal and techno background, Zeus has demonstrated his skills at parties and festivals across the globe such as Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, UK & South Africa.

Zeus has played along side some of the worlds largest and most respected acts such as, Atomic Pulse, Astrix, Skazi, Infected Mushroom, Xerox, X-Noize, Oforia, Kindzadza, Raja Ram, Exaile, Painkiller, Space Tribe, Absalom and the list goes on…

Radioactivity part 2 is a much-anticipated compilation by Zeus. A mixture of top psy-trance tunes, this compilation has been hand picked to make it one of the best compilations of 2006.

Zeus is also currently producing music with Metaphase under the name, Groove System. Radioactivity Meltdown, compiled by Metaphase and Zeus, is the final part of the Radioactivity series. This compilation feats the first Groove System release, HIGH HAT, for 2009 and many more releases from Zeus and Groove System are due to be released soon.

With the success of Roots-Productions and Pointzero Records as a whole you can surely catch Zeus celebrating his music at an event near you.