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Logica is the psy-trance act of the Petrillo twins Alok and Bhaskar. They have a certain pedigree not often seen in psy-trance being the sons of Swarup (aka. Vagalume Records/Universo Parallelo/The First Stone/Swarup's Brain) and Ekanta also a famous trance dj in Brazil.

Its no surprise that their sound has been going from strength to strength ever since their first live set on the main stage at Universo Parallelo in 2005 at the age of 14. They have collaborated with many artists including Aphid Moon, Burning Noise, Cosmosis, Dick Trevor and Avalon. This year Alok is continuing to develop the style and sound which they created together but as a solo Logica artist. His production and style is morphing into new and interesting fields of trance which makes sure he is one of the most fully booked artist in the Brazilian psy-trance scene.